custom tools


We focus on the manufacture of custom tools made to drawing.

PCD tools
Due to their incredible resistance to wear, and depending on the material to be machined, PCD bits can achieve service lives that are up to 100 times longer than carbide tools. Moreover, thanks to the extremely long tool life, the outstanding surface quality attainable, and high cutting speeds, PCD tools achieve extraordinary efficiency.

An optimally matched tool is able to reduce manufacturing costs by up to 50%.

PCBN tools
First and foremost, machining with PCBN tools is a highly efficient alternative to time-consuming grinding. Manufacturing times are reduced drastically, and cost savings are so high, that the tools pay for themselves in the shortest time.

HM tools
Hard metal tools are manufactured with inserts as well as from solid carbide. The material used is of the highest grade and comes exclusively from established producers.

HSS tools
HSS tools are made of highly alloyed rolled steel or powder steel with a cobalt content of up to 12%. Material and hardening procedures are matched to the individual application.